Here is a sample of hotels, hostels, and apartments which are relatively close to the venue. However, Madrid is a city with many accommodation options, and an excellent public transportation network. For more information, you can have a look at

HOTELS (price < 240€ per night):

  • Hotel Exe Moncloa, 4*
    Address: C. Arcipreste de Hita, n. 10, 28015 Madrid
    17 min by subway+foot. ~160€/night
  • Hotel VP El Madroño, 3*
    Address: C. General Díaz Porlier 101, 28006 Madrid
    26 min by subway+foot. ~130€/night
  • Dear Hotel Madrid, 4*
    Address: C/ Gran Vía, 80, 28013 Madrid
    25 min by subway. ~160€/night
  • Hotel Príncipe Pío, 3*.
    Address: Cta. de San Vicente, 14, 28008 Madrid
    26 min by subway+foot. ~146€/night


  • Hostal Artico
    Address: C/ de Donoso Cortés, 69, 28015 Madrid
    21 min by subway. ~90€/night


  • Aparthotel Rosales.
    Address: C. del Marqués de Urquijo, 23, 28008 Madrid
    20 min by subway+foot. ~100€/night


Some rooms at students’ dormitories are booked for the conference. The dormitories belong to the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and the following link provides some information about them:

They are all placed at Avenida de Séneca, very close to each other, and about 26 minutes by foot from the venue.

If you are interested in staying at one of these residences, please use this link and register including the option of accommodation (no later than April 30th, extended deadline). If you are already registered, send an email to letting us know that you’re interested in staying at the dormitories.

The price per night is about 40€ (subject to a small variation), including breakfast and dinner.

Since the  number of rooms is limited, if the number of room applications is larger than the number of available rooms, then we will manage the allocation of these rooms by a “first come, first served” system but giving priority to students. All applicants will receive a confirmation, some days after April 30th, on whether they finally get assigned a room or not. 

Disclaimer: Most of the rooms do not have air conditioning. Usually the temperature in Madrid in the first half of June is mild, but hot waves could happen!

Most of the rooms will be single, but some of them are not, and they should be shared with other attendees (in the former case, those assigned to these rooms will be notified in advance). The price per attendee is the same for both rooms.