Plenary speakers

Invited Minisymposia (title and organizers):

  • MSI1. Combinatorial matrices. Richard A. Brualdi, Geir Dahl.
  • MSI2. Low-rank matrices and tensors: algorithms and applications. Dmitry Savostyanov, Sergei Dolgov.
  • MSI3. Semidefinite matrices: geometry and optimization. João Gouveia, Bruno F. Lourenço.
  • MSI4. Matrix equations. Andrii Dmytryshyn.
  • MSI5. Realization formulas, rational inner functions, and real algebraic geometry. Ryan Tully-Doyle, James Pascoe, Kelly Bickel.

Contributed minisymposia (title and organizers):

  • MSC1. ILAS education. Anthony Cronin, Judi McDonald.
  • MSC2. New faces of spectral graph theory. Aida Abiad, Gabriel Coutinho, Krystal Guo.
  • MSC3. Nonnegative matrices: spectral properties. Carlos Marijuán, Julio Moro.
  • MSC4. Green’s function on networks and its applications. Ángeles Carmona, Andrés M. Encinas, María José Jiménez, Margarida Mitjana.
  • MSC5. Bounded rank perturbations in matrix theory and related problems. Itziar Baragaña, Froilán M. Dopico, Alicia Roca.
  • MSC6. Matrix and operator means. Sejong Kim, Sushil Singla, Tin-Yau Tam.
  • MSC7. The interplay between linear-multilinear algebra and rational approximation. Claude Brezinski, Michela Redivo-Zaglia, Ahmed Salam.
  • MSC8. In honour of Steve Kirkland’s 60th Birthday. Hermie Monterde, Sarah Plosker.
  • MSC9. Polynomial and rational matrices and applications. Maria del Carmen Quintana Ponce, Vanni Noferini, Paul M. Van Dooren.
  • MSC10. Numerical linear algebra applications in data science. James Nagy, Sirani M. Perera.
  • MSC11. Eigenvalue applications and optimization in numerical linear algebra. Sara Grundel, Tim Mitchell, Julio Moro.
  • MSC12. Model reduction and learning reduced models through the lens of linear algebra and of optimization of linear algebra. Ion Victor Gosea, Zoran Tomljanovic.
  • MSC13. Linear algebra and quantum information theory. Ángela Capel, Fernando Lledó, Julio de Vicente.
  • MSC14. Advances in cospectrality. Carolyn Reinhart, Kate Lorenzen.
  • MSC15. Connection between rational function/polynomial approximation and structured matrices for solving differential equations. Olivier Sète, Niel Van Buggenhout.
  • MSC16. Orthogonal polynomials, matrix analysis and applications. Amílcar Branquinho, Ana Foulquié, Manuel Mañas, Francisco Marcellán.
  • MSC17. Pattern restricted inverse eigenvalue problems. Jephian C.-H. Lin, Polona Oblak, Helena Smigoc. 
  • MSC18. Riordan arrays and related topics. Ana Luzón, Manuel A. Morón.
  • MSC19. Totally positive matrices. Ana Marco, José-Javier Martínez, Raquel Viaña.
  • MSC20. Euclidean Jordan algebras and related systems. Muddappa Gowda.
  • MSC21. Robust and efficient linear algebra computations at exascale. Roman Iakymchuk.
  • MSC22. State-of-the-art in algorithms and applications. Sirani M. Perera, Natalia Bebiano.
  • MSC23. Tensors and quantum information. Shmuel Friedland, Michal Eckstein, Chi-Kwong Li.
  • MSC24. Representations of groups and algebras and related topics. Samuel Lopes, Ana Paula Santana.
  • MSC25. Solving matrix and tensor equations. Qingwen Wang, Yang Zhang, Dragana Cvetkovic Ilic.
  • MSC26. Bohemian matrices and related topics in matrix theory. Robert M. Corless, Leili Rafiee Sevyeri, George Labahn, Mark Giesbrecht.